Nicole Borhaven Corke's Review

Lisa, I finished your book and absolutely, unequivocally loved it! Firstly, I've never read a historical fiction in my life as it's generally not a genre I'm drawn to, but you captured me right from the start. It's hard to summarize all that I enjoyed about it, but I'd like to share a few pieces that made it such a great read: the chapters going back and forth between Liam and Constance that drew their stories together; the true pieces of history (in our region of the province, which made it so fascinating) that you wove so smoothly throughout; the development of your characters that makes the reader adore some and fiercely detest others; the suspense that made me squeal out loud at least a couple of times; the steaminess of forbidden romance; the beautiful way you injected your imagination into an alleged story... your passion for history and your physical surroundings is apparent throughout; the fantastic photos (Ursula!); and above all, that I could hear your unique, spirited voice shine through every element of the story. Thank you for this treat, my dear friend. I am so proud of you for achieving this incredible goal of a published novel. I will be spreading the word...

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